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Social media has become one of the most important marketing platforms over the past decade or so. The ability to build and raise your brand’s social media presence — and execute the same visual aesthetic across social channels — has become a major asset to authors building their message and platform.

Your social platform is your gateway to influence.

It drives your reach while keeping you directly connected to your tribe.  Extending your impact while keeping your constituents motivated can be taxing.  Meanwhile, ensuring that everyone engaging with you and your brand through all available social options is hearing the same message and having the same experience can be difficult.

The Biggest Mistakes Platform Builders Make Are…

  • Lacking intentionality in a social strategy

  • Inconsistent messaging across social channels

  • Inadequate frequency of messaging to create real impact

  • Underdeveloped Planning and Implementation

  • Using the wrong platform for the message type

  • Failing to achieve clarity of message to a well-defined audience

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