We Start With Your Dream to Impact Your Audience

Authors are no longer only concerned with getting a book on a shelf.  After all, there are fewer and fewer shelves available.  Authors today have a vision for impacting the world in some way – they want to leave it better than when they arrived.  As such Authors’ Place Press does not focus only on your book.  We see books as one vehicle for delivering your message to the market.  For maximum impact, we must think about the whole brand, not just the book through which it is delivered.

Our world-class team of coaches will help you develop the right strategy to ensure that you are hitting the right audience with a single cohesive message regardless of where they engage with your brand and build a strong revenue model to secure your future.

Success rarely happens accidentally and hope is not a strategy.

Strategy is planning for tomorrow today.  We have a proven team of platform development strategists who can help you crystalize your message, understand your audience and build a real plan for lasting impact.

Understanding your primary customer is more than having an avatar.

Your audience is not made up of avatars. It is made up of real people who have real needs and real values and real dreams for their lives. We will help you define who that person is, what they value, the message that will connect with them in the most impactful way and a strategy for execution across all relevant channel.

Your Book

Your Speaking

Your Podcast

Your Social Channels

Your Content Distribution

Your Revenue Streams