We Help Authors Succeed, Grow & Prosper

We are so glad you’re here. I’m Tony, the Managing Director and Founder of Authors’ Place Press, and our company is helping our 500+ authors get their message our and prosper. We’ve been helping people and companies grow and prosper for pretty much our entire lives. We are catalysts who are excited to partnering with our authors to get their story out.

We live in an era of abundant information: The Internet can deliver that random piece of trivia you can’t remember, the fastest route to your office, or a selection of viral cat videos—instantly… to the palm of your hand.  But there’s a downside to having a wealth of information at our fingertips, especially for authors eager to have their message heard.  So many communications and messages are reaching everyone in your audience, that it requires more skill than ever to get your audience’s attention and make your message stand out.

At Author’s Place Press, we focus on two things:  Our authors’ message and stories and how to help them to accelerate their message.


Stories and Message

We are people who believe in our authors’ stories and message and how those stories can change the world.

  • Stories are important because they evoke our emotions. You see, as humans, we’re wired to love stories. We always have done and always will do.
  • Stories engage our brains and make us feel things. They shape us, motivate us and… influence us.  Storytelling is almost as old as time itself.
  • Stories connect us. From hieroglyphics to newspapers, novels to movies, diaries to soap operas, stories have connected us and given us meaning for thousands of years.
  • Good stories can resonate for generations. They cut across cultures and sweep us into imaginary worlds.  Stories are an essential component of our lives.



We want to serve as an accelerating catalyst for our authors to use storytelling to drive their message, and we marshal all of our collective talents to accomplish that.  We also know that honesty and integrity come from actions, not words.

At Authors’ Place Press, those actions underscore everything we do, from customer service to designing your book cover, to shipping the completed books to your door.  At Authors’ Place Press, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem for our authors, and we want to get their message and their story out into the conversation.

Accelerating our authors dreams